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The idea behind "Leading-Dating-Sites.co.uk"

Many singles who are interested in online dating, have little experience in finding partners online. If one  believes the commercial ads of online dating services, everything is very simple - but the thing is not so trivial! Therefore, we want to make Leading-Dating-Sites.co.uk a real site for dating advice, so you don't have to bother visiting "bad websites"...

Since 2003 we test the costs, offers, features and pitfalls of dating sites in 10 different countries. Above all, we want to point you to "your" favorite dating site, where you can get to know many interesting singles. Numerous media and also consumers praise our work.

In "Leading-Dating-Sites.co.uk" you will find following information:

1. Dating sites classification and comparison:
╗ What kind of dating sites are there - and which offer should you take?
╗ In which services can you register for free?

2. Hints concerning online partner search:
╗ How should you behave when interacting in dating sites in order to meet many interesting singles?
╗ How to move on afterwards to the "real life" meeting?